PE Stretch Film

PE Stretch Film

PE Stretch Film

We manufacture PE stretch cling film. The total capacity is 350MT per month. The 

characteristics of the stretch cling film include excellent anti-piercing and stretching 

ability. The types of stretch films include hand-warp and machine-warp types. There are 

several widths to meet customer's need.
1) Thickness: 15 - 20 micron for hand-warp,and 15-25 micron for machine-warp
2) Width: 3", 5", 16", 18", 20", 25"
3) Grade: hand use, semi-automatic machine use, auto-machine use
4) Color: natural color, black, blue, red, ivory-white
a) Lightweight, strong tenacity, excellent puncture resistance
b) Color: Transparent and black color (as your requirement )
c) Good self-adhesion
d) Made of recycled materials, reusable
QTY 1200tons/month


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